These items I always keep handy. In my home, Car, Bag when I travel. They have multi uses and have proven to be helpful in multiple circumstances throughout the years. Each year I re-freshen my stock. As I can I will post a blog piece highlighting the various uses for each. For now I have them posted so clients can easily find them.

* I have switched from Natures Way To Country Life due to their Certified Gluten Free/Corn free etc. Labeling which is very important to my family and many clients.

BACH Rescue Remedy I prefer the tincture because of the ease of using it. The Pastilles are not certified Gluten Free.


Just as handy is the roll of expandable, sterile Latex Free Tubular bandage. Placing gauze on the area. Cutting the bandage to the length wanted allowed me to slide it on over the gauze to hold it in place. I can always use latex free bandage tape if I would like a more secure fit. The benefit I have found over the years as an active family: It can hold gauze pretty much any where. On a heel, hand, elbow Plus for young tender skin or frail elderly Skin there is no issue of tugging on the skin at take off time. Comes in Small and Large. I have a package of both as they don't expire ;-)




All Terrain Bandages. Shown to the left of this text.

I have used for years.

From pre-school on up and it is nice to know if any person reacts to Latex or Gluten they do not need to deal with the irritation a bandage with Latex or Gluten would cause them. GMO-free, latex-free and gluten-free neon bandages for kids

I order 3 of the little guy for my Car Kits and travel Kit.

Then I order a big one for the Kitchen. I mix with filtered water in glass spray bottle and use on counters, sinks, cutting boards and even as a air sprtiz during winter months.

GSE Tablets I use any time I feel a cold coming on.

Below: Drops I use daily in my kitchen for fruit vegetable wash, for counter cleaning ...

I am asked all the time about using the soap in the ladies room. I use the above wipes. GF is a must for me and I happen to like lavender. The big tubs I keep in kitchen and cars for quick wipe downs.

The small packs are great in my purse and the individual wrapped great in my pocket.

For use to protect my eyes on long computer days. I use them after 6pm to reduce disruption of my sleep cycle and have proved to be very helpful over my cheater glasses.