Fats are Essential for our Cells. This resource lists Fats    I choose to use and recommend to family & friends.

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YUM! That is how I sum up this ghee. I literally sat down and closed my eyes when first trying it. A Butter lover I switched to GHEE to eliminate the inflammatory response I experienced from the protein molecule casein. I have used many different Ghee products over the years but the moment I tried this ghee I was won over. I order it by the case multiple times each year. If you are a butter lover switching over to GHEE this is the one for you! If butter and ghee are not your thing then the 7 Sources oil and other oils listed below may be your key to keeping good fats available for your cellular health.

Drizzled on my warm roasted veggies as they come out of the oven, drizzled on my luscious lamb loin with a beautifully browned crusty top coming from my crock pot,...ohhh this oil it combined with Olive oil and Herbs for salad dressing, or mixed with Ghee on mashed Japanese yams, in squash soup...in my Green drink. The options of how to use this excellent source of good fats are many.

Over the years I have heard back from clients stating they are having beautiful results after consistent use of 7 Sources. Things like reduced joint pain, rash reduction; even rash elimination for some of clients. Mood improvement- the list is long-  all reported by clients after they incorporated the 7 sources in their daily diet over a period of time. It is a staple in my daily diet.


Organic Rice Bran Oil. This is what I use in my Baby Cuisinart Deep Fryer.

We substitute potatoes and use Japanese Yams to make fries. It is a HUGE hit with company. A nice Buffalo Burger, Salad, and Side of Fries.

I have made onion rings and sweet potato fries. They are Winter time staples. Using the fryer for a side dish provides a bit more hearty ( good fat, sea salt, carb) on our plates.

With a smoke point rated at 490 to 495 degree Fahrenheit (approx 254 Celsius) and my Baby Fryer tops out at 375. We can enjoy our fries!

(Because our Baby Fryer goes to 375 I do not use Avocado oil, Duck Fat or other Vegetable oils who have smoke points at around 375F. I get asked all the time why Rice Bran Oil to fry.)


Virgin Coconut Oil. We are on automatic order when it comes to Coconut oil.

In our house we saute with it, roast with it (oven at 350 or less), use it to coconut pull, on our skin, in the bath.... I could go on.

The brand I have used for the past decade or so is Nutiva.

Good Sources of ALA Alpha Linolenic Fatty Acid 1 of our 2 ESSENTIAL Fats.

Whole Flax seeds. These are the 3 I purchase most often.

Hemp Seeds. The 3 I purchase most often.

Chia seeds.