Items I use daily ;-)

Our house has minimally 3 crocks going every day. I just ordered this one to replace my triple crock pot that just bit the dust days ago. We have 3 HUGE ones running 3 CORDS! Ugh! I can't wait for this one to arrive!

This one has proven to be a great rice casserole crock pot. I travel with it when driving to places as well. I like the ability to seal it and take whatever I did not finish to y next location. At home and on the road this one is used by me a lot. I also like that it fits in my suitcase that I just roll on into the hotel ;-) At the end of long convention day I return to nice warm meal the instant I walk in.

Used multiple times per week in our home.

As a Grain free family this has been AMAZING! Noodles, Noodles, Noodles! Zucchini, Sweet Potato, Japanese Jam, Then Yummy sides of plantain chips, quickly fried ringlets of a variety of Veggies. There is so much that can be done. I tried a few types and this is the easiest to handle.

SO....there is a really funny story that goes along with this frother. I will share it in a post.

But let me tell you how wonderful it is.

I can enjoy coconut milk all frothed. As someone who enjoyed steamed milk beverages ALOT before I let go of the dairy due to my bio-individual in ability to digest dairy protein.

This has brought back such enjoyment to simply having steamed coconut milk or a beautiful matcha with steamed coconut milk a top. I loved it so much I have been giving them as gifts when occasions come around. An investment that has brought much joy!


A weekly favorite well more like 2-3 times weekly! Those of you who have known me a while know when I first happened upon the Yonanas machine ( a client had on her counter she received as a gift) I was so curious and ordered my first one. Since then I wrote an entire blog post on it years ago, we have always purchased another and another each time we live in a different country and we have not grown tired of it and its Yummy possibilities!

We use various sizes of the above ice cream containers for our yonana creations. To soften we mix in coconut milk for the fat to help with the texture so it doesn't harden into an ice cube!

Why I use theses coconut milk? 2 ingredients. Coconut and water. no guar gum. No sweetners, BPA free.