CELL'f Care: Green Drink Base Smoothie Recipe (without the greens;-) Download recipe at bottom!

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Cell'f Care means you provide your body's CELLs with the ESSENTIALS it needs to exist, work & thrive. The better we CARE for ourCELL'ves the better chance the very Tissues; that make up our Organs, that make up our Systems; has  of being healthy. I teach the way to remove wellness overwhelm is to first focus on the M.E.N. in one's life. Yes it all comes down to the M.E.N. we choose to incorporate into our daily lives.

It is true that the majority of our wellness status depends on how we choose and use M.E.N. daily and cumulatively. M.E.N. is my acronym for

Motion, Emotion, Nutrition.

Clients who have worked with me know that I am a big fan of convenience (crockpots for instance; self timed ovens...) and for reaping the biggest result for minimal effort. So when it comes to CELLf CARE; cellular Nutrition; a Green Smoothie is high on my list of consideration for clients in need of providing themCELL'ves with more dense Nutrition that is also convenient.

BUT I don't drink or recommend green smoothies made with Chard, Kale, Spinach .....
Though I am a firm believer in eating greens for those whose bodies react positively to them. ;-)

Because each and every client has bio-individual considerations; varying wellness status; varying nutritional habits; not to mention whats available and what they currently provide their cells with- as they work for the WELLNESS they WANT-; I do not have a slew of Green Smoothie Recipes that I hand over to clients though they ask and ask and ask....

We instead spend our time together identifying missing ESSENTIALS first: and incorporating the Nutrition specific to their CELLf Care and Wellness Goals.  I take this individualized approach for everything. The reason it is so important when it comes to green smoothies is because many green smoothies are very high in Sugar, Oxalates, Purines, Goitrogens, Chelators..... Clients bring me books and recipes all the time. I encourage them to first get to KNOW their own body then  they can better decipher how a Green Smoothie Recipe can work for them or against them. Their CELL'f Awareness can help them make choices that will move them closer to the WELLNESS they WANT by ADDing foods specific to their CELLs needs.  

Once a client knows the foods that will benefit their bio-individual bodies and goals they can choose from the plethora of smoothie recipes And feel confident they are safe for them to consume.

While the CELL'f discovery period is underway I have found there is a safe, positive smoothie base I could confidently share. It I ncludes 3 Base ingredients.

The Base can stand on its own but as the name indicates can be used as a base with a multitude of additional ingredient combinations. I will offer combos in a future post.

Starting with this base works well for 2 aspects of CELL'f Care.

1. The Base is nutritious and adaptable to individualized smoothies.

2. It is convenient in that it can be made ahead of time; frozen in ball jars. How many you prep to have on hand is really only limited by the freezer space you can delegate. (Great for Farm share families or those with Gardens!) I have been know to prep months at a time. Here is how it works.

The Green Drink Smoothie Base:

Salute' Cheers! Prost! There you go a fast nutritious Green Smoothie Base option that can stand on it's own or is a great base for particular berries; variety of fruits; veggies that work for your system.

The base is fit for freezing for future Smoothies cutting down smoothie prep time the lettuce and apples are typically the items needing washing and cutting where as having the base already ready means a few frozen veggies or frozen fruit and you are good to go in 60 sec or less. Now that is FAST FOOD that offers a ton of CELLf Care.

If you have tried Kale, Spinach, Collards and other Green smoothies in the past and found you were not a fan or just didn't feel so great when consuming them give the Romaine base a try and look for the upcoming post: No KALE for Me!? Reach for Romaine! And you'll feel even more excited about today's Green Drink Smoothie Base. Now you KNOW ;-)

I WANT WELLNESS! Keep me in the -

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