Happy Ghosts and Goblins when you hand out Allergy friendly candy.

So many holidays, so many opportunities to put a smile on children's faces! CANDY! A staple at Holiday times and Halloween is no exception. 15 years ago trick or treat meant collecting a bunch of candy to then exchange at home for stickers and other favorite trinkets. Now with food allergens affecting 1 in 13 children it really isn't about the exceptions. YES! Candy is JUNK for the body. But that is a different topic all together. There are options for you to hand out candy that is Corn Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Shellfish Free, Egg Free, Nut free,..... It took a big chunk of time to find the 'free'est  of allergen candy- but I have located some sources for you and feel good about stocking items to give that can be enjoyed by the largest crowd of trick or treaters. Oh by the way

"an estimated 9 million adults- or

  •                                   4% have food allergies"

Center of Disease Control and Prevention

Maybe safe 'OFFICE JUNK'  food for adults might be a great idea ;-)

Happy Halloween! Be safe, Be well.- mo