Paraliminal defined. This has been taken in its entirely from Paul Scheele's FAQ. I have used Paule Scheele Paraliminals personally and professionally since the 1990's. I have personally and have experienced seeing professionally great benefits from their use. Post quote I list a few of my favorites.

"Paraliminal learning sessions are audio mp3 or CDs. Each one presents creative new ideas to help individuals overcome internal obstacles and achieve personal and professional goals. They are unique in their application of the latest educational technologies.

"Para" is the Latin prefix meaning "beyond". "Liminal" refers to the "limen" or "threshold" of conscious awareness. The term literally means, "beyond the threshold of conscious awareness".

The term was coined, in part, to distinguish it from "subliminal" which means, "below the threshold". In psychological literature, subliminal refers to information that cannot be consciously perceived.

With the Paraliminal learning sessions, the listener can hear separate messages coming into each ear, but it is beyond the conscious mind's ability to process both messages simultaneously for more than a few moments. The result is an interesting multi-level communication to different hemispheres of the brain. The listener can choose which ear's information to attend to, and one's attention tends to switch from time to time. Consequently, the conscious mind's experience of the mp3 CD is different with each listening session. Yet, the other-than-conscious [referred to as "paraconscious" by Lozanov (1978)] receives the entire message each time.

I have Listed Few favorites along the side.


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If you have used paraliminals for awhile and know they work for you then here are a few more of Paule Scheele Programs I recommend.They are an investment and longer commitment than a 1 CD.

Sleep & Relaxation

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