Products I use, have used, clients have used and would recommend to their family and friends.

Below I show the resources in picture form and they can be clicked on for easy full descriptions. I have emailed clients pictures after sessions so it makes it easier to identify when doing shopping. For those who shop Amazon this resource provides direct links to the source page so you can shop the most up to date pricing and availability.



GOOD FATS ARE ESSENTIAL FOR OUR CELL Membranes, Energy and so much more. I trust Flora and use 7 Sources daily. Drizzled on veggies on my protein, as salad dressing, in my green smoothie. to name a few.


I take Vectomega; daily and I take multiple when experiencing any inflammatory response. I purchase from either Europharma or Terry Naturally. Whichever has the best price.

When it comes to Vitamins and Minerals I have found the Mega Foods Brand to be Superior to most others I have used and clients have used. I make an exception for a couple of Vitamins but if the FOOD ingredients work well and are bio-individually compatible with the client it is my first choice to think through when we think about supplements.


1,000mcg               5,000mcg


Un-stress I use for those needing a bit more B without doubling Niacin; Folate or B-12.

 1 DROP (not dropper) = 200mcg to help find your optimal range.

Pictured below is the b-complex liquid form.

B FRESH Gum is Gluten free, Soy Free, Dairy Free,...and it does provides B12 so calculate in your vitamin totals. Remember if you have dogs to keep the gum out of their reach.


Both come in 1,000 IU as well.


Specific Target Supplementation Items listed below. I have no ties to Mega Foods I have just found over the years it as worked wonderfully for myself and clients. The fact that it is made up of foods that the body can recognize is something I happen to believe makes the difference in some clients who have used other products.