Information and education coming to the Blog Posts 2016 explaining the Self-Care benefits of each. Until then so many clients have been requesting to set up the resource list that they can refer to. So it is. These are the resources the Blog Posts will refer to.

Adult Nimbus pictured to the left.

Below Children Nimbus. I buy 1 pack of each for each of us at the onset of each year so we have a years supply. We use 1 adult one for regular brushing and 1 child one each for times when smaller area brushing is helpful- like when want to remove tea tannin with a bit of charcoal is one example. Changing every 3 months as suggested leaves us with 1 to keep tucked on our travel bag.

While Gluten Free is a consideration in our household. I have heard rave reviews after clients use this who say the reason they avoided flossing because they felt the floss would cut the gums each time they would floss. I picked it up originally because I knew it was GF but that is easy enough to find these days. We keep using it because of its ease of use in tight spots.

Each time I re-order and see the continued excellent reviews I feel great about listing it here.

Nature's Answer has multiple mouth hygiene products. Here is a grouping picture with 2 typical labels you will see when you click on the product. It has confused clients in the past so I found example of both. Once you get to the page explore the specific options. Example below this first picture.

Nature's Answer has the above Professional Oral care products. All separate as well but I am just supplying you with a visual that offers you linking capability to get there and explore.

Then Below is still the same company but not Professional Strength. We use both in our household now for a good decade.

And below is a toothpaste we use in the rotation of things. It is Weleda Baking Soda Toothpaste. Coconut Oil and Charcoal completes the list;-)

This is a small jar linked here. I grab this once then keep refilling the jar to keep in the bathroom. I do this because for Consuming Good Fats in my daily diet I order on a regular basis either 2: 54oz or the 78 oz jar for the kitchen. And Finally the Activated Charcoal for removing tannins and tatar.